What is Nespresso?

What is Nespresso

Technically speaking Nespresso a coffee brand and company based in Switzerland that is part of the Nestlé Group. However, the term is also used for the coffee that is made using a Nespresso pod and pod machines. 

Most people will use the term Nespresso to refer to the coffee itself similar to the term Kleenex and Crock-Pot (also companies), the brand name is used to describe a product produced, not just a company and it’s brand of products. 

Who Makes Nespresso?

Nespresso is made by the company Nespresso, an operating unit of the Nestlé Group. Nespresso is a portmanteau of the company name Nestlé and espresso. 

Nestlé does not produce Nespresso machines, that’s not their expertise per se. The machines are normally licenced to other more well-known coffee machine makers such as De’Longhi, Breville and a few others. The company is originally a food and beverage business. So they do, however, make most of the capsules or pods that are placed in the machine to make the coffee. 

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How Does a Nespresso work?

To make a Nespresso coffee, you will need a Nespresso coffee machine and suitable capsules that fit into the machine. Below is an example of both of these including the Vertuo Line and Original Line Pods:

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The capsules are made of aluminium and are usually flat on top and have a rounded bottom. When you make a Nespresso the machine will pierce the pod to release the coffee flavour when the hot water runs over the capsule. Similar to an espresso machine the water is pumped using pressure to make the coffee. Some of the more expensive machines will read a barcode printed on the pod to know exactly how much water to dispense and how to process the particular coffee for the pod used.

Nespresso machines will only work with specific pods and visa versa. So if you purchase the machine you will always need to use the machine-specific pods. Some companies have started to make compatible pods for example Lavazza makes capsules that will work with these machines. The pods do come in a variety of flavours and are generally either compatible with the Vertuo machines or the Original Line machines. Double-check that the machine and pod are compatible before you buy.

Pod Flavours

Nespresso makes several flavoured pods. These range from Espressos in a variety of strengths, Italian coffees, Barista coffees that are mostly flavoured and Lungo that refer to a bigger cup size. You’ll also find a decaf range which is quite handy.

The range available will depend on the country you live in. Typically the USA has a bigger range than some other countries and the Nespresso often has exclusives and limited editions that you won’t always be able to buy anywhere else. In the UK you can find an Italian range that’s not listed on the USA website

Pods are also available in variety packs or singles packs with selected flavours. See the list below for pod flavours: 

Barista Creations:

Bold & Dark Roasted
Fruity double espresso
Medium roast
Caramel flavoured
Vanilla flavoured
Dark roasted
Medium roast
Sweet Biscuit

Single Origin:

Malty and sweet
Intense and spiced
Washed Arabica
Fruity and floral

Alto XL – long and easy-to-drink blends:

Smooth & strong
Smooth & Round

Coffee – Virtuo signature blend full bodied coffee:

Deep and dense
Rich and strong
Bold and lively
Smooth and balanced
Delicate and fruity
Floral and velvety
Fruity and light
Round and malty
Sweet and velvety

Espresso and Double Espresso

Intense and Powerful
Full-bodied and creamy
Light and sweet
Dark and bold
Dense and wild

Gran Lungo – Americano Inspired Coffees

Intense and full-bodied
Cereal and mild
Malty and Unctuous

Other Types of Nespresso Pods

Below are a few examples of alternative pods for a Nespresso machine. Note that these aren’t the only ones, there are more if you do a quick search online.

Nespresso Machines

If you’re interested in making Nespressos you’ll need a Nespresso machine. But before you jump in and buy one, it’s important to taste the coffee made with these pods first to see if you like it. Also, double-check that you are comfortable with the price of the pods as you’ll be locked into them as long as you have the machine.

Don’t get us wrong, Nespresso can be a wonderful way to make coffee at home, but as with anything, it’s all about personal preference and tastes. Some might enjoy a standard espresso machine more. If you’re looking for an alternative to the Nespresso pods you now get Seal Pods, which are reusable and refillable with any coffee of your choice, these will give you more flexibility around the coffee you can buy.

Below are a few Machines for info:

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Can you recycle Nespresso Pods?

Yes, you can recycle Nespresso pods through one of their schemes. Please don’t put these in your normal recycling bin at home. The recycling schemes vary by country. In the UK they have a recycling service called Podback which will be up and running in 2021. You can also get a bag and drop it off at selected locations. Find out more here. In the USA you can find recycling points via the company’s website.

Is Nespresso stronger than coffee?

It all depends on the coffee and the type of pod you are using. A double espresso pod for example will most likely be stronger than a standard black coffee. Generally, a pod will contain 5g of coffee, which is less than the amount you’ll use to make a single espresso at 7g. To compare accurately it’s best to check each individual pod against the coffee you are comparing it to, for example, French press brew, drip or standard espresso.

Are Nespresso pods expensive?

Pods can be expensive if compared with a standard espresso or drip machine-made coffees for example. Nespresso pods are often one of the higher-priced pods so it’s worth investigating the type of pod you like by comparing the per pod price with that of other pods and espresso coffee.

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