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About Cheeky Brew

We love coffee and like having a bit of fun with it. That’s where it all started. It’s a simple formula really, but it works.

Because life is too short for terrible coffee…


Cheeky Brew

So What’s the Story?

During the madness of 2020, we realised that great coffee is the must for any home, office, journey, random or organised get together or home office. It’s not until we were forced to stay at home, locked in, starting at the walls that we realised how much we value a great cuppa joe.

Remember the time when many of us were forced to go into the office and drink substandard and cheap coffee that tasted like dishwater? Yes of course you do, but we’re putting an end to terrible coffee in the office or at home no matter what the budget.

There really is no excuse.

We’re here to help you have great coffee wherever you might be. And of course, we’ll help to demystify the coffee jargon so that you’ll know your Mocha from your Java.

Please join us on our quest for great coffee, it’s going to be an entertaining ride.

And that’s just about as much as we can promise you today.

Cheeky Brew Team

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